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Sky of Sky B&B

Located next to Surf & House, within a one-minute walk. Right in front of Double Lion Beach. Provides high-quality ocean view suites. Breakfast, afternoon tea service. Spacious and comfortable. A good choice for a leisure vacation!


The Refresh

Right across the road from Surf & House, one-minute walk away. Providing backpacker beds and an ocean-view double bed room (booking in advance only). Being raised in a city, the hostess is achieving her dream here at a beach town by making cinnamon rolls, gluten-free vegan snacks and fresh, nutritious juice (all can be reserved).


Happiness Sea
Surf Homestay

Close to Wai'ao train station. Every corner of the hostel is thoroughly designed by the hostess. No fancy decorations. Simple style. Providing backpacker beds, 4-person room, 6-person room, or a whole package service. 

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