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BBQ Venue Rental

  • Including grill + washing water + rest area

  • Reservation in advance required



  • Venue fee $1,000 + cleaning fee $1,000 = $2,000

  • The venue is for 10 people (for each additional person, an additional $200 /person will be charged, with a maximum of 20 people)

  • Discount plan: for VIP members, free of charge for venue fee!

  • If need help ordering barbecue ingredients, the order fee is $500. ​



  • Noon session 11:00 am - 3:00 pm / Afternoon session 5:00 pm - 9 pm.

  • If exceed time more than 30 minutes, $500/hour will be charged.



  • After 10 pm, please lower the volume and do not make loud noises.

  • Please respect all facilities. If any damage or loss, please compensate according to the price, and a cleaning fee of $3000 will be charged.

  • Do not set off firecrackers and fireworks in the venue area.

  • Do not gamble, take drugs or conduct illegal transactions in the venue area. If found, it will definitely be reported to the police. (If it violates the law, it will be reported to the relevant units for processing).

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