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Self-Discovery Journey

Nowhere to go during hot summer? Want to surf but don’t know where to go?

Yilan is a good place for leisure and relaxation.

[ Surf & House ]

The owners, Momoco and AJoe, are passionate surfing enthusiasts. Because of their exposure to surfing, they abandoned the hustle and bustle of the city and slowed down their pace. They learned to build their dream life and started a beach life.

Here, we share different stories of every visitor.

We also share our own stories, hoping that every visitor can gain a bit of joy and some memories.

Pick up your luggage and backpacks, put on some beach clothes and flip-flops, and let's go!

Surf & House is located next to Wai'ao (Double Lions) Beach in Toucheng, Yilan County. It is a two-minute walk from the shop to Wai'ao Beach. It has a private courtyard and is the best choice for relaxation, travel, contact with nature, and outdoor experience!

What We Provide

Professional and thorough surfing course, membership recruitment, surfboard storage, merchandise sales, surfing information, travel information, barbecue area rental... and other services.

Away from the hustle, bustle, and heavy pressure of the city, we can't wait for you to come experience the leisure, slow coastal nature and culture, and enjoy a unique beach trip! Our coaches will answer your various questions, and with care and attention, we will patiently listen to your voice, and hope that your journey will be safe, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

For further information, please contact us .

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