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VIP Member Discount Deals

Comfy, spacious surfboard storage area, with 24-hour security cameras

Keep safe of your surfboards!

One-minute walk to the beach.

Service Content

  • Surf & House outdoor seating area.

  • Unlimited cold and hot water washing throughout the year.

  • 30% discount on equipment rental, advance reservation is required (annual members only).

  • Member discount for shopping (annual members only).

  • Free surfing advise (annual members only).
  • Big storage box, personal locker (free).

  • Free snacks.

  • Restroom.

  • ​One storage for a surfboard.

  • 24 hours of surveillance and security cameras.

    VIP members get exclusive discount for surfing lesson booking.
    VIP members have the priority to store surfboards, and apply in advance is required (applications open from March 1st to 31st every year). However, the storage space is limited, so ones who apply first get the priority.

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VIP Member Recruitment Method

VIP Member Recruitment Method

Applications open from March 1st to 31st every year. Annual membership starts from April 1st.
Join for the first year  [ $7800/year ]
For the following year  [ $4800 year]

Any type but only one surfboard can be stored.
For an additional surfboard storage:
Longboard $3000/year 
Shortboard $2200/year

Monthly surfboard storage [ $1900/month]

(If store for six consecutive months, free annual membership upgrade.)
Daily surfboard storage [ $300/month]

Click the link below to join, and send the application form. After completing, and after confirming the qualifications, you can enjoy the VIP membership of Surf & House for the year!

Member Rights

1. Comply with the regulations of Surf & House. If you cannot cooperate, we reserve the right to refuse to provide services.
2. There is a limit of one surfboard to store. Please rinse and dry the surfboard before placing it, and then remove fins and leg rope. Please install the board bag on the surfboard (do not place it anywhere else), and neatly place your surfboard in your personal storage space. Thank you for your cooperation!
3. The space is limited, and there is limited storage space. If you need to store any items or belongings, please utilise our paid lockers. Members have the benefit of using the lockers for free (only for a day).
4. To maintain the environment and protect the ocean and beaches, members must be committed to environmental protection and enthusiasm for education and promotion of water activities!! 

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