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Equipment Rentals

Items and Fees

  • Soft Board $500/piece

  • Hard board $800-$1000/piece (Sharing not accepted)

  • Bodyboard  $400/piece

  • Leg rope, Fin $200 (deposit $1000)

  • Rashguard $100/piece

  • Wetsuit $200/piece

  • Parasol $200/piece

  • Beach Mat $200/piece

  • 3x3m Tent (for 8-10 people) $1000/tent (deposit $1000)

  • Beach Chair $200/piece

  • Shower $70/person

All daily-use equipment must be returned before closing! Overdue fees will be charged.

To avoid safety concerns and equipment damage disputes, no sharing board will be allowed. The non-renter uses the equipment to cause personal injury or equipment damage, and the lessee will restore it or compensate according to the price!

The rental of surfboards needs to be insured with "Comprehensive Insurance for Sea Area Activities". On-site reconfirmation will be completed and the equipment rental declaration form will be filled out, and the safety of life and property shall be declared at your own risk!

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