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The best way to learn surfing! Thorough teaching and safe experience!

Our customised small-group surf lessons are suitable for all levels
- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Level 1 Beginner

Adults/Children (Between 6 to 60 years old)

  • 1 on 1 for basic experience $2500/person

  • 2-3 people (discount) $2200/person

  • Group of 4 people or more (discount) $1900/person

  • Designated coach $500/person

Level 1-3 Intermediate/Advanced


  • 1 on 1 specialised in surfing learning $2800/person

  • Group of 2-3 people (discount) $2500/person. Maximum of 3 people for group lessons. All required to have similar surfing level. Class will be held depending on the wave conditions.

  • Designated coach $500/person

VIP Annual Member

  • VIP member for basic experience $1800/person

  • VIP member specialised in surfing learning $2400/person

  • Designated coach $500/person

​      Class duration: 2 hours

(Adjusted depending on the number of people, weather conditions, and physical conditions of the students, including both on-land and in-water operation time.)

Multi-Day Specialisation Course

  • 10 lessons $28000/person (discount $23800/person)

  • 5 lessons $14000/person  (discount $12480/person)

The multi-day specialisation course must be reserved in advance. For better results, please complete the course within three months. If exceed time limit, the course shall be deemed abandoned.

On-land lesson - basic knowledge of the ocean and the environment, identification of waves and currents, basic understanding of surfing equipment, international surfing etiquette, safety rules, surfing techniques (paddling and pop-ups) and practice.

In-water lesson - water adaptation, balance and basic movements practice on surfboard, after-class review.

!!! Class Booking Notice !!!

  • Class starting time: 8:30AM or 2:30PM. Please arrive on time. You can arrive early to get changed. Class buffer time: 15 minutes. Later than 15 minutes, an additional coach waiting fee of $500/person will be charged (maximum of the waiting time is one hour). No refund for last minute cancellation.

  • Please bring your own towel, disposable contact lenses, swimwear, sunscreen, and waterproof bag.

  • Surfing lessons are quite risky. It is necessary to declare that one has no heart disease, asthma, high blood             pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes (to avoid infection), inertial dislocation, ankylosing spondylitis or spine-     related diseases and other related diseases! If there is any of the above, surfing course booking will not be accepted!

  • All classes must be scheduled 7-14 days in advance. Priority will be given after full payment. On-site inquiry or class scheduling within 6 days will be put on the waiting list or combined classes.

  • For booking, please read the instructions carefully, confirm date and time, complete the booking form and transfer full payment. If meet severe weather and wave conditions or major force majeure factors, the class will be postponed, and will have to be completed within a year.

  • If necessary to change the date of the class, only one adjustment is allowed. For more than one adjustment, an additional fee of $500 will be charged.

  • After full payment, if cancel 7 days prior to the day of the lesson, a full refund will be issued. If cancel 3-6 days prior to the day of the lesson, 80% of the cancellation fee will be charged, and an administrative fee of $100 will be deducted. (Example: Course Fee $2000 x 80% = $1600, $1600 - Administrative Fee $100 = Refund Fee $1500) No refunds will be accepted within 3 days, however, the class can be postponed once, and only valid for one year.

  • If Surf & House cancels the activity for any reason, a full refund (without deduction of administrative fees) will be   issued.


Our shop is insured with public accident liability insurance!!



Skim Boarding Lesson

  • 1 on 1 for basic experience $2200/person

  • 2-4 people $1900/person

Class duration: 1.5 hours

Content of Class

Introduction of skim board, surfing etiquette, identification of waves and currents, safety rules, explanation of basic movements (correctly holding the board, throwing the board, getting on the board, skimming), and basic movements practice.

Coach qualified in Grade C skimboard teaching



Bodyboarding Lesson


  • Basic experience $1500/person

    Class duration: 1.5 hours

Content of Course

Surfing etiquette, safety rules, basic movements explanation and practice.


Additional Items

  • Free use of the rest area

  • Hot and cold shower with eco-friendly shampoo and body wash

  • Free use of surfboard on the day of your surfing lesson

  • Free bottle of water

  • Free snacks

  • Use of surfing equipment (including wetsuits or rashguards)


     Our shop is insured with public accident liability insurance


How to choose my surfing learning experience?

No clue on how to choose your lesson?

We are happy to advise you on the best surf learning experience based on your personal level.

Feel free to message us and ask questions as shown below, and your dedicated coach will contact you shortly.

  • Have you surfed in the past? Please specify how often you surf per week, month, year, or not at all.

  • What would you like to learn? For example: I want to learn how to paddle; I want to learn how to take off; I want to learn how to read the waves, etc...

  • What class would you like to participate this time? (Please refer to Surf Level)

  • Estimated date and time to attend the class? Or others information you would like to know.

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